• Are Scope HR Solutions Compliant?

    Scope HR Solutions have a demonstrable track record of achieving the highest levels of Compliance and as part of the standard process, every prospective Client is invited to complete an Audit of Scope HR Solutions systems and processes.

    It is integral to Scope HR Solutions core values to ensure the way in which any partnership is undertaken whether with a Client or a Candidate, achieves the highest levels of Ethical and process Compliance.

    Having undertaken in the last 12 months 35 external Audits with no major non-conformances and any minor non-conformances satisfied within the required timelines a track record to be proud of.

  • Do I have to Train Scope Associates?

    We would recommend specific Plant and Machinery Training is undertaken by the Client, however a process through the correct Associate selection will be supported to ensure requirements are minimised.

  • Do Scope HR Solutions supply PPE?

    Scope HR Solutions hold an expansive stock of PPE and can supply as a part of the delivered solution.

    Having developed a global supply chain, we have been able to assist our Clients not only in the provision of PPE for Temporary Labour but also to meet their own requirements by delivering substantial savings.

  • How do I know I have not been charged for too many hours?

    We will work alongside your own system to ensure full integration and the accessibility of real time information, whether manual or electronic that is checked and verified on a weekly basis.

    With a proven track record of delivering on-site electronic solutions both fingerprint and eye scan recognition, we ensure the highest levels of Compliance and Accuracy for you and the Associate.

  • How do I know the Associates supplied by Scope HR Solutions will be the right people for the task?

    When we initially engage with any Client, we ensure we have a full understanding of their requirements and will match the right Associate to the role ensuring they have both the capability and ability to complete the task required.

    “A happy Associate = A happy Client”

  • How do I know the Labour supplied by Scope HR Solutions have the right to work in the UK?

    Before any Candidate joins the Scope Team as an Associate, all the required documentation is checked to establish their right to work in the UK and 1:1 interview is completed in line with “Stronger Together” to ensure the Candidate has not been exposed to any act of Modern Slavery.

    All our recruitment consultants are fully trained with many years of experience to ensure any potential risk is mitigated and through our interaction with the GLAA are certain that any Associate supplied by Scope HR Solutions is legally Compliant.

  • How does a Scope Associate know where they are working and what they have to do?

    All Scope Associates undergo a comprehensive registration and induction process to ensure they have a broad understanding of what Scope does and the Clients it serves and prior to arriving on-site will receive assignment details so they know the shift they will be working, the type of work they will be doing and how much they will be paid.

    Many of our Clients work in specialist sectors, requiring in depth site inductions which as part of the agreed solution we are happy to undertake on your behalf as we have fully qualified Trainers covering Health & Safety and Food Safety.

  • How many Associates can I order from Scope HR Solutions?

    Very difficult not to use one of the normal clichés, but across our Client base we provide from 1 to 250 Associates daily and are happy to do so, no Client is too big or too small.

  • How will I know the Scope HR Solutions Associates are doing a good job?

    Our on-site teams will work alongside your own team to ensure the required levels of performance are achieved, this will be monitored in line with your own performance management systems.

    We have experience of implementing and delivering for Clients performance and quality management systems both for the Temporary Labour Solution and across the entire business platform ensuring added value of the ongoing partnership.

  • What do Scope HR Solutions do?

    Scope HR Solutions specialise in the provision of Temporary Labour Solutions, from the supply of an individual for a specific task in a single day to a fully managed on site solution 24/7 365 days per year supplying 1000+ Associates per day across the required shift patterns.

  • What happens if an Associate does not turn up for work?

    We have a very robust reporting process for Associates who are unable to attend their shift, so we will know before you and will offer a solution to ensure you have the required level of resource at the right time.

    We have a demonstrable track record across our Client base of 99.98% fulfilment.

  • What Happens if I require extra Labour resource at short notice?

    One of our specialities, dependant on location we have a response time of between 2 to 4 hours and are happy to include as a provision within any Client SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  • What shifts can Scope HR Solutions Associates work?

    We provide Associates that are ready and able to work the shift pattern you require and have a full 24-hour support infrastructure.

  • What support will I get from Scope HR Solutions?

    The level of support you receive is tailored to your individual requirements, the unique methodology implemented for any Client request whether for a single Associate or a 100, Scope HR Solutions will work with you to ensure the right solution is delivered.

  • Who manages the Associates when at my premises?

    This is very dependent on the requirements you have, but we can offer the required level of support within any solution which can encompass performance, quality or training.

    Ultimately as a user of Temporary Labour you have a duty of care in respect of Health and safety for any individual on your premises an area in which we can assist to ensure the correct levels of Compliance are in place should you require.

  • Will I save money?

    Yes, we do not undertake any partnership based on price. We are confident through delivery of OTIF (On Time in Full) supply and performance and quality improvement positive bottom line contribution will be achieved and are always happy to engage with mutually agreed KPI’s set out within the SLA. You will have peace of mind knowing your business is being supported by a Compliant partner.

  • Are any deductions made from my pay?

    No deductions are taken from your pay, unless you chose to live in our accommodation when the national minimum offset agreed by the UK Government will be deducted from your pay. Which is currently £49.00.

  • Can I join Scope with my friends or can they join me later?

    At Scope we are a continually growing business which means we continue to recruit throughout the year and are more than happy to welcome New Associates, so yes please.

  • Do I have to pay TAX and NI(National Insurance)

    As a Scope Associate you will pay both TAX and NI based on the prevailing rates set by the UK Government this will vary dependant on your individual circumstances. A member of the Scope Team will be happy to discuss with you on a 1:1 basis and will assist you in obtaining an appointment for your NI number.

  • How do I get to work?

    Scope operate a fully compliant transport infrastructure for your journey to and from work, the cost of which is £8.00 per day return. This is not a compulsory service and does not have any impact on the Assignments you are offered if you choose to use Public Transport or make your own arrangements.

  • How do I know if my pay is correct?

    Every day when you go to work you will have to complete a timesheet or follow the time and attendance procedure of the Client you are on Assignment with, it is your responsibility to ensure this is completed accurately and will ensure payroll errors are avoided.

    Every Wednesday you will receive your payslip from the previous week, if you believe it is not correct please contact a member of the Payroll Team on +44 (0)1622-685259 Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1730 who will be more than happy to assist with your query and ensure resolved.

  • How many hours a week will I work?

    As a temporary labour provider, the hours you work on a weekly basis will vary dependant on Client demand, the average is 45 hours per week but on occasions this can drop as low as 30 hours per week and can increase to over 50.

  • How much can I earn?

    The minimum you will earn when working in the UK is £7.38 if under 25 years of age and £7.83 if over 25 years of age. However, many Associates earn up to £10 per hour dependant on their abilities. The minimum figure is reviewed annually, the next review is in April 2019.

  • How will I be paid?

    You will be paid directly into your Bank Account, if you do not have a Bank Account we will be happy to assist you in that process. Alternatively, we can assist you in obtaining a Bread Card, which will cost £7.50, while we are able to pay you by cheque, it is not a preferred option as without an account the cost for you to cash the cheque can quite often be prohibitive.

  • I have arrived/am coming with my Partner, can we work together?

    We will always try to help but can never guarantee due to Client requests.

  • If I have a problem or complaint who can help?

    At Scope we take the pastoral care of all our Associates very seriously and any member of the Scope Team we will happy to assist, if you do not receive the help or assistance that you need please refer your issue to a Director regardless of the problem and they will ensure you receive the required assistance.

  • My English is not very good will that stop me getting a job?

    Many of our Clients do not require English language skills as a prerequisite of the Assignment so we will always be able to find you work. We also run Free English Classes to help you develop your skills which will allow you greater opportunities and the ability to progress.

  • What happens if I am ill?

    We take the care of our Associates very seriously and will assist you in any way possible, we recommend that when you arrive in the UK you register with the local GP in order that any treatment you may require can be expedited at the earliest opportunity.

    If it is purely that you are unable to attend a shift for a day please ensure you make contact with your direct member of the Scope Team at least 2 hours before the start of your shift.

    Please also make sure if you are prescribed any medication or have a known condition you make us aware of it either during the initial conversations or during registration or if it is a condition that develops while you are a Scope Associate at the earliest opportunity.

  • What happens if I do not like my Assignment?

    Every effort is taken to match the Associate with the right Assignment, if you are not happy please tell our Onsite Coordinator or the Planning Team, while we require flexibility from an Associate if we are able to accommodate any request in relation to Assignment we will do and make you aware of the outcome and the reasons why.

  • What happens if I want to leave Scope?

    Of course, we will be sad to see you go and hope that you have enjoyed your time as a Scope Associate. In order that we can process your leaving as efficiently as possible and ensure you receive any outstanding holiday entitlement, we would ask that you give us 14 days notice and complete the Leaving Form and Exit Interview.

    Good Luck and we wish you well for the future, You are always Welcome Back!

  • What type of jobs are available?

    At Scope HR Solutions we have a variety of roles available which can be either inside or outside and within various sectors of Logistics, Food Preparation & Packing, Manufacturing and Horticulture. We will always make every effort to match your skills and abilities to the right assignment for you.

  • When can I take my Holiday?

    You can take your accrued Holiday whenever you want provided we are given 2 week’s notice and no more than 10% of our Associates have already booked Holiday. So, to avoid disappointment book early.

  • When will I be paid?

    You will be paid weekly in arrears, every Friday.

  • Where can I live?

    If you require Accommodation Scope will be more than happy to help and have availability in 2 types of Accommodation, Mobile Homes and Chalets, we have chosen the Location of our Accommodation to be as close to our Clients as possible to minimise your daily travelling time or alternatively you are free to make you own arrangements should you wish to do so. The Accommodation you choose will not in any way impact on the Assignments you are offered and many choose to live in Scope Accommodation initially to get to know the area prior to making their own arrangements.

    If you choose to live in Scope Accommodation you will have deducted from your pay weekly the national minimum offset of £49.00 which includes utility costs this figure is set by the Government and is reviewed annually in April of each year.

  • Will I have the opportunity to progress?

    Every Associate, has the opportunity to progress, when you start your journey as a Scope Associate it is important that you make us aware of your previous work history and any skills or abilities that you have, in order that we can assist you to maximise your earning potential and place you in the right Assignment.

    Many of our Associates have progressed to Permanent Roles with ourselves and Clients in Senior Positions.

  • Will I receive Holiday Pay?

    Yes, you will receive Holiday Pay which accrues as you work at the rate of 1 day every 2 weeks.

“Scope removes the constant headaches I have with issues surrounding staffing levels, training and payroll. They know legislation and compliance inside out and this gives us great peace of mind and the freedom we need to run our business.” -CS - Operations Director

“After a bumper pear harvest, we were inundated with orders and were struggling to cope. Scope responded instantly, and order fulfilment was brought under control, in a time critical period for us. It’s amazing what a single phone call can do.” -SH - Packhouse Supervisor

“Scope has been instrumental in helping us achieve preferred supplier status with a highly regarded UK supermarket chain. It’s not just a bottom-line success, it’s the recognition that we are now considered as best in class suppliers in a competitive marketplace.” -ARF - Marketing Manager

“For the first time in our company’s history we have achieved the highest level of British Retail Consortium (BRC) accreditation. It’s a magnificent milestone and we thank Scope for its vital help, input and continual support.” -DW - HR Director

“Scope is now our sole labour solutions provider, as they have truly understood the demands and targets of our business, integrating at all levels and helping us achieve our growth aspirations. Their support to our business is invaluable.” -MG - Managing Director

“We use three providers of temporary Labour but only one scores 100% on fulfilment every week, regardless of how late the request is submitted. That is only one aspect of the Best in Class service levels delivered by Scope.” -PB - Operations Director